0 Introduction

This blog is being kept in order to keep a record of research currently being undertaken while studying on a MA program at the University of Wales Newport. The project composes a two part practical element inspired by early filmic sound production and the practical necessities of analogue visual recording. Initially I began by continuing research into the time period I was concerned with during the writing of my undergraduate dissertation, namely the introduction of synchronous sound within mainstream cinema in the 1920s and 30s. I later began to move away from researching the commonalities of production inherent in mainstream cinema, into the filmic Avant Garde. Movements which followed (or in many cases presupposed) the “Hollywood” aesthetic and reinterpreted the idea of film as art.

            It is my intention to create through the use of ideas gained while studying theoretical knowledge, a better insight into the practical element of my project, which will be a series of short abstract based montage films set to music and compiled into a final product. The finished artifact being of importance toward the viewer, in order to ascertain what the ideas and reasons for the music and visual elements are, and how their interaction of perception is mobilized in interpreting it. I will also seek to send my work to prospective partners, generally music industry based, intending to promote the product through live performance, comprising of audio and visual productions synched with a fair different manner of effects and concepts coming together, in what I hope to be a interesting and engaging performance, removed from the traditional live ‘gig’ situation and traditional modes of address.

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