1 Critical Research

My field of research has been within the realm of early cinema, specifically producers and writers upon the silent and early synchronous sound periods. I have been researching into the mainstream Hollywood’s other in regards to style, looking into early Avant Garde works, concentrating upon method and theoretical understands of artists such as Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp. I have also looked into later periods of work, when the Avant Garde saw a, revival, and somewhat more substantial dissemination during the sixties through the genres of op-art as well as the light and flicker shows used by musicians and rock bands of the time such as ‘The Velvet Underground and Nico’ in their ‘Exploding Plastic Inevitable’ shows. I have been reading in line with the practical elements of which I am interested first coming into contact with Malcolm La Grice through his book ‘Abstract Film and Beyond’ as well as numerous other writers upon the subject through a collection of essays in the book ‘The expanded eye, stalking the unseen’. A collection of ideas and a catalogue of previous works, which I have found very interesting, and of vital importance, in assessing my own ideas and work.

In regards to musical style I have being continuing with my personal interests into essentially ‘Ambient’ types of music, Erik Satie referred to his specific brand of ambient compositions as ‘furniture music’, which I consider to be a fair name for what I will seek to create. More contemporary artists or composers I would cite, as influences on my own compositions are people such as Brian Eno, Stars of the Lid, Labradford, Phillip Glass, and for their more minimal tracks GodSpeed! You Black Emperor. People I would cite as influences on my music who are not musicians, would be writers Henry Cowell, Simon Reynolds and Jacques Attali, for influencing specific interests I have within the generally  unwanted noise, implicit in all music and sound, as well as sound designer on many films Walter Murch.

Marcel Ducham, In his own words pt 1

Marcel Ducham, In his own words pt 2

Marcel Ducham, In his own words pt 4

Similar artists

Man Ray

Le Retour A La Raison (1923)

Phillip Glass


Stars of the lid

God Speed you Black Emperor!

Boards of Canada

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