9 Semester Two Schedule

My work is going to be a series of tracks and live performances based around a process led production method. A method whereby I re record sound a visual elements, using the build up of recording noise to degrade them beyond the original recognisable structures and familiar sounds. Having done a lot of the early experimentation with the process, and its possible results, I will seek to define several methods of production for recorded as well as live performance media, before then working on the main bulk of the compositions. I have begun to supplement the playing of loops with live instrumentation and manipulation of objects generally relating to obsolete media production, such as the use of a amplified 35mm slide projector for combined audio and visual production as well as old photographic equipment to manipulate projections and initial video recordings. Having been rather fascinated with old rather defunct AV equipment for a while, I plan on using such methods to produce a further degradation of the original signal.

I plan to have the foundations of a live performance of around twenty-five minutes in length by the end of the semester, complete with some appropriate visual elements and the framework of how I am going to recreate the tracks live. I plan on playing using pre-recorded sounds, as well as live instrumentation and manipulation, of both sounds and visuals. I will be using a few objects relating to the afformentioned obsolete recording and photographic equipment, to create or manipulate several parts during the performance.

During semester 2 I will continuously be composing and rehearsing material which I will seek to play in front of pears in order to garner feedback about the parts which work and those which do not. I plan on a fairly continuous rota of production, adding and removing parts or movements within songs and rearranging the performance based on new compositions. I will also if time allows begin to record some of the tracks which I plan on compiling into a CD for my final project, where I plan on making a artefact type of object full of pictures from the live visuals as well as of the original spaces they have been taken from as well as some writing to describe the process by which the AV was created.


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