7 Practice

The practical element of my project will focus on creating a series of musical pieces and complimentary visual works for live performance. I will be using a process led production technique in order to create the raw material of the project, which I will then edit together the create an audio visual live performance and compilation EP length CD.

The process I will be using involves the re-recording of audio and re-filming of visual footage, the process came into being when I could not convert video file to a specific format, but knew that the output format from a video camera would work. After doing this I noticed that the process had completely changed the initial footage, changing the colours, contrast and the movements of the objects within. After experimenting and repeating the process several times, the picture began to abstract itself losing the representations of what I had initially recorded. The simple fuzzy outlines and a small selection of colours was all that remained.

Remembering that Alvin Lucier had done a similar thing in his work ‘I am Sitting in a room’ I began experimenting with doing the same with the audio of the recording. The audio begins to pick up a multitude of other sounds and interacts with the environment in which it is being recorded. The reverb of the room as well as the multiple layers of recording noise, which combine with the initial recorded sounds of environments in a complimentary and interesting manner.

It is these recordings, which I will be using in order to perform live, manipulating and playing with them through multiple effect chains and sampler type synthesizers. I will also use these recordings in order to create an artefact type CD product, of photographs and a catalogue of recordings.

Initial goals

My goals for the initial module will be to create several new demo types of the final compositions, which I will then seek to play in a live performance scenario, in order to gage people’s reactions and to garner individual feedback. I will continue to compose through my previous projects alias as Smoo, since although my music has only recently began to be produced through this process led production, the final outcomes once edited, have similar qualities to my previous works. The music itself has certain ambient ideas, notions and influences to it, being very relaxed in nature with warm tone’s, deep bass lines and slowly changing rhythmically percussion patterns. The live performances will take the form of live and pre recorded audio being played in conjunction with multi screen visual projections at different depth’s throughout the venue. Live instrumentation will also be used, while not strictly in line with the process i am using to create the rest of the raw material for performance, I feel for personal reason that the music I play tends to leave me isolated behind a computer and removed from an audience. The instrumentation tends to have an opposite effect, and I will also be using several non traditional ‘instruments’ which will generally be old visual projection Apparatus, such as a old 35mm slide projector, as well as a 8mm camera and projector.

I will create around two to three new pieces of around fifthteen minutes in length, I will then rehearse these works and finally take part in several live performance events.  I will also continue market research and seek to find a place for my work in the music industry, finding similar artists, as well as labels and festivals where my music would be complimentary to compilations and line-ups.



Dup’capa | Upload Music

Night night

Night, night | Upload Music


RDS-37 | Musicians Available

Pictures of Previous performances


Previous live performance at Switch 08

Initial practice & Innovation semester One Performance

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/20076383″>Untitled</a&gt; from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user1008954″>Alexander McHattie</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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